Letter: Support Feehan for Congress

Published 10:00 pm Monday, November 13, 2017

Southern Minnesota needs a strong leader in Congress who will fight for all of us. As a person who has dedicated his life to public service, Dan Feehan has proved himself as a fighter who honors our ideals.

Dan grew up right here in southern Minnesota. His desire to serve led him to join the Army and serve two tours of combat in Iraq. His dedication to our nation continued as he taught underserved students in a high-needs community. And, more recently, he served in the Pentagon, working to ensure soldiers had the resources they needed. His nature is to serve others as he has proven in his life choices.

As the mom of an Iraq War veteran, I have listened to first-hand accounts of the brave and difficult work expected of our combat soldiers. I respect their work and their call to service. I am grateful for their continued service upon their return home. This has been the way of veterans throughout our history. Dan Feehan can be counted with those who have served their country and has returned to continue his service for his community.

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Dan Feehan’s service to students is to be commended as well. His choice to work with some of the most underserved students in the nation is a testament to his desire to put the needs of others above his own. As a teacher, I realize that meeting the needs of all our students can be challenging even in the best conditions. And yet Dan chose to serve in one of the most difficult and challenging districts in the nation.

Most importantly, Dan has a vision to improve the lives of southern Minnesotans. He is committed to building a health care system that lowers the costs and improves access, championing southern Minnesota as the Silicon Valley of food and agriculture, preparing our young people for the jobs of tomorrow, and of course, he is committed to keeping our country safe while not engaging in unnecessary and costly wars.

Dan’s experience at the Pentagon has prepared him to serve at a national level. Dan is ready. I am proud to support Dan Feehan for Congress.  I hope you will, too.

Robin Brown

Moscow Township