Editorial: Have a unique dog? Contact us

Published 1:03 pm Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tribune staff are working on our next issue of Albert Lea Magazine, and we are working on something a little different. We want to highlight some of the most unique dog breeds in the area and the people who own them.

Have a Hungarian sheepdog, a great Dane, an English mastiff, an American water spaniel or some other type of breed that is less common?

We would like to feature you and your dog in our next issue of the magazine. Dogs and their owners selected to participate will be asked to come in to the Tribune office for a photo shoot.

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If you would like to be considered, send a photo of your dog and the name of your dog’s breed to lifestyles@albertleatribune.com.

Our dogs are a large part of many of our families. Let’s showcase them.