Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 11:46 pm Friday, September 28, 2018

To the new gagaball pits at Hawthorne and Sibley elementary schools.

Thanks to Albert Lean Nick Hanke and other volunteers, who installed the new gagaball pits at Halverson and Sibley elementary schools.

Hanke came up with the idea to install the pits after having money leftover from installing drinking fountains around the community. He was looking for another community project to support and had enjoyed playing the game with his family at a church camp.

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In the end, Lou-Rich, Alamco and Fastenal donated materials for the project.

We hope children enjoy the new activity, and we hope residents continue to look for ways they can better the community.



To an estimated $70,000 in overtime costs Freeborn County is expected to pay this year in wages because of inefficiencies caused by the state’s new licensing and registration system.

Freeborn County Administrator Tom Jensen said this week the county is spending approximately $6,000 per month in overtime costs as local staff conduct more work that the state used to do before MNLARS started.

The county was expected to cover the increased costs reserves.

We encourage the state to continue to look into ways to fix many of the problems with this program and ask legislators to consider taking action to reimburse counties for the extra work that they have been forced to take on.

This program should not have been rolled out if many problems still remained.



To the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge choir that is coming to Albert Lea on Sunday.

We have heard nothing but good things about Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, and we are excited that the organization’s choir is coming to share some testimonials on Sunday at United Methodist Church in Albert Lea.

A Christian-based rehab and recovery center, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge helps people gain freedom from addictions by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, according to its website.

The concerts will feature people ranging in age from teenagers to older adults in recovery from alcohol or drug addictions.

The Rev. John Mitchell said the concerts are some of the most well attended events at the church all year.

We hope people will take advantage of the opportunity to attend these inspiring concerts. Concerts begin at 9 and 10:45 a.m.



To Albert Lea sweetheart Marion Ross.

Thanks to “Happy Days” actress and Albert Lea native Marion Ross, who took time out of her schedule this week to visit the community and meet with residents at various events.

Ross took part in a book signing at Albert Lea Public Library, an event at St. John’s Lutheran Community, various interviews with local media, as well as other lunches and visits. Albert Leans love when Ross comes to town.

The Tribune had the opportunity to interview Ross for a feature in the upcoming November/December issue of Albert Lea Magazine, and we hope you will check it out when it is available.

It was fun to watch Ross — who is kind and generous to everyone she meets — interact with others.

Thanks also to Albert Lean Pat Mulso, who organized Ross’s visit.