Letter: Integrity and transparency vital

Published 8:07 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hello, friend. As your school board candidate, I believe in providing a quality education for all our students, whether they go straight into the workforce, learn a trade or pursue higher academics. I believe in listening to and giving a strong voice to parents and the community. And, I believe integrity and transparency are vital to district operations.

The district needs to ensure it is sharing straightforward information with the public, and it needs to ensure it is following its own policies as well as state laws. I have heard from many people that the latest referendum process could have been more transparent in the cost information given, and the community could have had a stronger voice if options had been provided. I also believe board integrity can be improved with accountability to the public. When there are allegations of impropriety at the board level, there should be an external investigation. During this school board election, it is important to examine the history of action or inaction of incumbents seeking re-election. Voting and communications prove my track record of calling for more transparency and integrity in all of these areas.

There are clear distinctions to consider in choosing which four of the seven candidates to vote for this year. Government is the people’s business, and it should be handled with excellence. Thank you to all of you who have approached me in the community to thank me for what I am doing on the school board. I appreciate it greatly. On your behalf, I question often, and I fight hard for what I believe to be right. Friends, there is hope. Your vote counts to support candidates who share your values in District 241.

Jill Marin

Albert Lea