Letter: Marin has heart for Albert Lea and vision

Published 8:23 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

What are the qualities of a great leader? Here are a few words that come to mind: Resilience, passion, empathy, empowerment, open-minded, patience, honesty, diplomacy, initiative for action, humility, influence, purpose, vision, trustworthy, integrity, perspective, problem-solving, accountability, good listener and motivation.

Anyone who knows George Marin would agree that he exemplifies all these qualities and more.

It has been my honor to know George and his wife, Jill, for several years now. He is not just my pastor; he is my mentor, my million dollar encourager and a dear friend.

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He has a heart for Albert Lea and a vision to see it prosper. He has served three terms on the City Council and is ready to serve as our mayor. His vision is clear, his word is truth and he will be a voice for the people.

I have never met a more trustworthy and honorable person who listens, is respectful, offers solutions and follows through with his word. Give him a task and consider it done. Nothing is impossible in his eyes. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Let’s bring back common sense and vote George Marin for mayor.

Tami Bellrichard

Albert Lea