Letter: Drain the swamps in St. Paul, D.C.

Published 8:49 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

2018 has some interesting elections. We need to consider the following to get the best results for Minnesota.

Two fine men are seeking to be Albert Lea’s mayor. George Marin seems the best to deal with Mayo, etc.

In federal offices, we need people for 2019 who will:

• Cut domestic federal spending. Our kids and grandkids don’t need the debt. Compare 1900 spending and taxes.

• Block grant-reduced health, education and welfare spending to the states.

• Ensure only fully vetted migrants are let into the U.S.

• Seasonal and agriculture worker plans are also needed

• Ensure all migrants have private sponsors to fully support them after they enter the U.S. Merit selection is needed.

• Reduce federal regulations and regulators.

• Keep the current majority chairman in each house. (Not big city leftists)

Senators in 2019 should be Housley, Newberger and in Minnesota’s 1st District Congress, our own Jim Hagedorn from Blue Earth.

In Minnesota state offices, we are desperate for conservative change:

• Jeff Johnson is a clear leader to keep government spending down.

• Doug Wardlow is police-endorsed for Minnesota attorney general.

• Pam Myhra is a real CPA for our state auditor.

• John Howe from Red Wing for secretary of state.

• Peggy Bennett, Albert Lea’s own state representative.

We need to cut state spending. See why South Dakota spends less per capita but gets good results. Our Minnesota House majority has chairmen from all over Minnesota. A change might mean heavy metro domination.

Let us all back the above best persons for Minnesota and the U.S. in 2018. The swamp in D.C. and St. Paul still needs to be drained.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea