Letter: Any bullying behavior should not be accepted

Published 8:45 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

Sadly necessary, this is in response to the untruths contained in the Brad Kramer letter of Oct. 31. George and I have always been transparent about social media sites to which we have had administrative privileges. We have never “refused to explicitly claim or deny involvement” in any such sites. In addition, I’ve openly exposed perceived wrongs on my school board Facebook page. Further, Mr. Kramer’s statement is libelous that I was “recording meetings that were not allowed to be recorded.” I only recorded open meetings of the school board, which are allowed for anyone to record and/or attend in person. That is why they are called “open meetings.” These recordings are openly posted on my page. Also, we would like information as to which “backdoor channels and secretive or possibly illegal means” Mr. Kramer is alleging, because we are not aware of any. These are serious allegations, and we have nothing to hide.

I referred to this type of behavior in my guest column, “Can Minnesota Nice usher in bullying?” This is evidence of a pattern in our community of re-victimizing one who stands up against bullying. This, in itself, is participating in bullying. Stop bullying. What a sad reflection upon our city. I don’t know Mr. Kramer, and he has never contacted me in any way. What is the purpose here? Smear?

There is a smear campaign underway complete with an anonymous smear Facebook page parading under the guise of “government organization” — lies from its foundation. It contains repeated allegations, attacks and smears against George Marin and his family. The anonymous individuals delete any comments that present facts in support of George and myself, and they did not allow George’s post stating he invites anyone to call him for answers to any allegations. They are attempting to minimize the rights of individuals in a democratic process, defame and demean.

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The page even includes a post disrespecting the end-of-life illnesses and eventual deaths of my parents. This is cyberbullying. Many community leaders, including the backed candidate’s immediate family, colleagues and supporters, have liked posts on this page, invited others to view and like the page, and even written recommendations. They are thereby participating in bullying. What a poor reflection of the leadership of this city. Once the public brought this to light, some of these “leaders” removed their likes. This behavior is repulsive and cannot be accepted by our society.

Change is needed. George Marin is a man of integrity, strength, honor and respect. George would publicly denounce and oppose this type of smear campaign if it happened to anyone, regardless of which side they were on. Silence is condoning.

May our true community leaders arise. In the end, love wins. We continue to stand up against bullying, and will now more than ever before. The welfare of our children depends on it. The example we set is reflected in our school hallways. Please join me in voting for a true leader, George Marin for mayor.

Jill Marin

Albert Lea