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Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To Freeborn County pursuing changing the auditor/treasurer and recorder positions.

We agree with the Freeborn County Board of Commissioners looking into changing Freeborn County’s auditor/treasurer and recorder positions to appointed positions.

It seems unwise to allow someone with no background in these areas the opportunity to get elected to these jobs — especially when they would be overseeing something as important as $180 million in income and receipts each year, along with changes in real estate transactions.

These are things that must be done correctly the first time, and it is essential that someone who is educated and experienced be in those fields.

We encourage people to support this effort in the upcoming public hearing Feb. 19.


To the Blue Ice Plunge being canceled at The Big Freeze.

It was disappointing to hear that one of the signature events of Albert Lea’s winter festival, The Big Freeze, was canceled due to weather. We hope people continue to come out and check out all of the other activities taking place, as this event is usually a fun one to attend each year.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate better for next year’s event.


To everyone who makes Night to Shine possible.

Hats off to Becky Rognes, leaders at First Lutheran Church and all others who played a part in organizing Night to Shine Friday night at the church.

This is the third year for the dance in Albert Lea, which is a prom of sorts specifically designed to celebrate students with special needs. Guests were slated to come not only from Albert Lea, but surrounding communities such as Rochester, Wells and Lake Mills.

Thanks for making a special event for these students, which also reminds other high-schoolers and people in Albert Lea of the importance of these members of our community.

We hope this event continues for many years to come, and we hope all the participants had a wonderful time.