Editorial: Come, let us show you what we do every day

Published 8:34 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

This week is an exciting one here at the Albert Lea Tribune.

We have the pleasure of hosting two tours — one for students from Halverson Elementary School and another for students from Lakeview Elementary School.

We love opening up our building for tours for any age group, but it is particularly fun when we can show the next generation the ins and outs of our industry.

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In this day and age, most children and teenagers spend a lot of time on their electronic devices. If they were to read a story in the newspaper, it would probably be from those devices instead of in the traditional format of the print edition.

During the tours, we show them the process of how we make a newspaper, how it is printed on our press, and they even get to take a newspaper home with their photo on it. And we always allow time for several questions, as these bright, young students always have impressive ones.

We applaud the teachers who have recognized the importance of the newspaper in the community and the ongoing learning that takes place when people read it.

If you or an organization you are part of would like to take a tour sometime of the Tribune, contact Tribune Publisher Crystal Miller at 473-4396 or crystal.miller@albertleatribune.com.

We’d be happy to show you a glimpse of our world.