Editorial: Support teachers in another school year

Published 8:51 pm Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Now that all area schools are back in session, we ask you to take a minute this week to thank a teacher.

Teachers work hard under high community expectations and not nearly enough gratitude. They serve not only as traditional teachers of academics, but as role models, confidants, mediators, mentors, life coaches and nurturers, among many other roles.

Teachers are not only the backbone of our nation’s education system, they are a guiding force in helping our children develop into healthy, happy, and successful adults.

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Being a teacher has never been more difficult, as they must keep up on effective ways to reach a diverse classroom, and they work to find creative ways to reach a new generation. They have to make sure students fulfill requirements to graduate, all while dealing with an eye open for weapons and drugs and other harmful things.

As the community embarks on a new school year, we ask parents and other residents to support teachers in their critical role in the community.

You are better off thanks to them, and your children are, too.