Letter to the Editor: Art Center event was a success

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2019

We want to send a very special thank you to the Kiven, Cheryl and John Lukes family for sponsoring the recent festive music night and Albert Lea Art Center fundraiser at the Lukes Music Hall and to Marty Shepard for her special art exhibition of delightful, colorful and unusual ladies. 

The music box collection is amazing. (Imagine the sounds of carousel-style songs and the rich music of a Steinway grand piano.) We were entertained by demonstrations and history by Kiven, marimba music by John and then the delightful descriptions of the Martiangelo art pieces by docent Mark Anderson.

A special thank you to those who attended and even sang along with some of the music, to the Lukes family and to Marty Shepard for making our evening so successful.

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Bev Jackson Cotter

The Albert Lea Art Center Board of Directors

Lukes fundraiser chairwoman