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Letter: Feehan has served all of his life

I have high expectations of my elected officials. I expect they work hard to represent everyone in their district. I expect they listen to constituents and be responsive to inquiries. I expect they advocate for the vulnerable and put the interests of people in the district ahead of corporations and big industry. After all, they work for us. I recently heard that people run for office either to be something or do something. I want a representative who wants to do something, something to make the lives of their constituents better. This is why I’m so excited to support Dan Feehan. As a soldier, middle school teacher and veterans advocate, he’s been about service all his life. His actions have been in alignment with his words, and when he says, “Either everyone matters, or no one does,” I know he means it. Dan’s dedication to service is admirable and his authenticity and integrity are refreshing. I appreciate his commitment not to take corporate PAC money, so he is accountable to his constituents and not outside interests. My expectations may be high, but I’ve seen Dan Feehan live up to those, and that’s what the 1st Congressional District deserves.

Liz Boldon