Letter: Sanders steps up to speak truth

Published 7:29 pm Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I want to publicly thank Senator Bernie Sanders for having the courage to stand up for rural residents by speaking truth to powerful Mayo executives.

On Dec. 13, Sen. Sanders tweeted, “Mayo Clinic executives have decided to strip away access to health care from tens of thousands of rural Midwesterners — putting profits over people. Under Medicare for All we will end the corporate greed in health care that is leaving rural Americans behind.”

I know many community members in Freeborn County with that same courage. In fact, many of the boldest health care advocates in our community happen to be close in age with the senator, who is 78 years old. Unfortunately, I know of no other presidential candidates (or even our current president) who dare to be bold enough to speak up when it is clear that Mayo continues to put profits over patients. And when it is clear that rural Midwesterners are hurting.

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Angie Hanson

Albert Lea