Letter: Hagedorn is dedicated to southern Minnesota

Published 8:45 pm Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I am writing this letter in response to Ted Myer’s outrageously false letter. I believe Congressman Hagedorn has been and continues to vote in the best interests of southern Minnesotans. Aaron Farris wrote his editorial asking very simple and easy-to-answer questions that Dan Feehan should have answered when he ran in 2018.

First, I know of no evidence that has been indicated on Congressman Hagedorn’s FEC form that says he took $36,000 from out-of-state drug companies. That number has appeared on Feehan’s Facebook page where he continues to say that about Congressman Hagedorn without providing any factual evidence to that claim. Also, Congressman Hagedorn has voted against the Democrat’s prescription drug bills because they promoted a government takeover of the health care system, supported eliminating private insurance and discouraged smaller drug companies from growing so they can provide prescription drugs at lower prices than big drug companies. One can see Congressman Hagedorn’s accomplishments by checking out his website.

Second, Congressman Hagedorn is not “the least productive member of Minnesota’s congressional delegation.” He is actually one of the most bipartisan, working with Democratic Reps. Davids, Evans, Crow, Schneider and more. Also, it bothers me that people keep saying he isn’t productive because he hasn’t written bills that limit the control Americans have over their everyday lives. Putting more laws in the books doesn’t make you productive, it doesn’t make you a good Congressman and it certainly doesn’t make people want to vote for you or support you.

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Last, the only people I see being negative about stuff on Facebook is Dan Feehan on his page, and his supporters in the comments section of Congressman Hagedorn’s pages.

Minnesotans will remember on Election Day how dishonest I believe Dan has been from the very beginning, and they will vote accordingly.

In light of Congressman Hagedorn’s obvious dedication to his constituents in southern Minnesota, he should be assured of their support.

Tom Broskoff

Albert Lea