Letter: What happens beyond this life?

Published 8:08 pm Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Beyond the clean air that you blessed to breath.

Beyond the life you live here on this earth.

You have two choices, both are eternal, hell or heaven a part of death and birth.

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Heaven will be more glorious and spectacular than words could ever say.

With no pain, no tears; not even an end to a day to praise, work, sing and pray.

Be able to glorify your creator and best friend.

Who does bless you, even on earth to your life’s end.

In the other choice, for those who love all the worldly noise.

To party, to drink, to do drugs — it’s all your own choice.

But your eternity will not be of peace.

For you have not chosen your creator to please.

Your body will burn and burn, unredeemed.

You will scream and scream from all you’ve schemed.

Know this will never stop; this will never end, ever

Over and over again, your eternal endeavor.

All of this is beyond you, you have a choice!

Selfishness, unfaithfulness, greed in a royal Royce.

Reta Bakke Draayer

Albert Lea