Guest Column: I survived a pandemic

Published 3:03 pm Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Guest Column by Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia


Chapter 1

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I had no idea of the coronavirus. It was a word that, little by little, I was hearing more every day and I came to think that I was living a series of Netflix — “Coronavirus: The Apocalypse,” since at the beginning this virus was only heard about in China. As the days passed I found out that it came to the United States and my mind went into shock. I was listening to panic shopping that I have no idea what it is, but my family was worried and scared.

Chapter 2

When I found out the school had to close due to the spread of the virus and the way in which the disease is contracted, I was very sad I would not see my school friends and my teachers again this school year. My parents went to the school to collect supplies because I would have classes at home. My parents told me my teachers missed me and sent me greetings.

Chapter 3 

My first day of school at home was somewhat complicated because I was not clear what I had to do. The good thing was my teacher, Johana, helped me understand how to do my homework. I have also received great support from my teachers Kyllo and Moynagh in the video calls I have had with them. Even with the difficulty of understanding the reading and instructions in English and with videos also in English, I try not to stress because of the difficulty of this; I do my part by putting all my effort.

Chapter 4

In my community, as a result of the coronavirus, I have noticed the streets are alone. There is a park near my house and it is all alone. My parents do not let me go out as many times to play with my skateboard as before this apocalypse, and if I get to go out it’s only for 30 minutes and well-protected with a facemask and plastic gloves.

Chapter 5 

Emotionally, I am sad this virus has brought many misfortunes around the world. I am worried about what is happening, but sooner or later everything will be a dream that will soon end and everything will return to normal. I will be able to live as before; I will return to school to again live among my friends and teachers.

Raul Garcia is a fourth-grade student at Halverson Elementary School.