Letter: Keep looking out for the farmer

Published 8:11 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Navigating the federal bureaucracy is a very difficult thing to do expediently, and efforts made by Congressman Hagedorn certainly have not gone unnoticed. Since he is a member of the House Agriculture Committee, the expectations for him to deliver on agriculture programs are high. Thankfully, our farmers do have some relief.

Thanks to the congressman’s work on the Paycheck Protection Program, the U.S. Small Business Administration has enhanced funding for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, which effectively provides an advance of up to $10,000 to producers and business who specialize in the production of ag products.

Given the circumstances of the current ag economy, it remains imperative we do everything we can to sustain our farmers and agribusiness. The current food supply chain relies on it, our processing facilities and businesses rely on it, our grocery stores who stock meat for consumers rely on it and ultimately our southern Minnesota economy relies on it.

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The shutdown of main street has become an increasingly difficult obstacle to high-hurdle in southern Minnesota. When processing plants like Hormel and JBS close down temporarily, it is our producers who are hit the hardest. Keep looking out for the farmer, congressman.

Travis Jensen

Clarks Grove