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Letter: Support small businesses and freedom of religion

Governor Walz has gone too far with his emergency order and his latest “spin of the dial” on Wednesday.

Restaurants are now allowed to have outside seating if they choose to go beyond curbside service. Local restaurants in Albert Lea will need to redesign their business, which is not realistic considering the revenue loss they have experienced since the middle of March. Face masks are required at restaurants — the mask is going to be off more than on in order for the person to eat. Governor Walz encourages local government to help restaurants make it possible, but no one has any control over weather, which will impact eating outside.

Second, restaurants can serve a group of 50, but churches are still limited to a group of 10. Please, what is the difference? Walmart, grocery stores and other big box businesses are not limited to 10 people. For those of you who have written letters saying you support Governor Walz on what he has been doing — do you still support him now that he has continued to violate the First Amendment in regards to religion?

If you are afraid of COVID-19, then stay home, but I am one who wants to move forward and have a state that truly supports small business and the freedom of religion.

Lisa Holz