Letter: Restoration of representative gov’t requires power redistribution

Published 8:10 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2020

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

The dramatist is the plutocrat who assigns our roles in the economic machine upon which his power is based: Utopian capitalism. If we play our parts well, the play will succeed, and we will build the best of all possible worlds. Other utopias are demeaned and destroyed. The plutocrats found that enslaving people was expensive and that other methods could be employed to manufacture consent. The stress of playing our assigned roles could be moderated by tranquilizers or opioids. While we were numbed out and/or busy playing with our high-tech toys, the plutocrats bought out our democratic institutions.

The American electorate is convinced of the need for universal health care and the need for significant action to forestall climate collapse. The plutocrats see these demands as threatening the utopian capitalism from which they profit, so neighter political party will act.

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Other progressive programs would threaten dramatic change to the power structure, so the two-party system will not respond whatever their advertising (party platform) suggests. Restoration of representative government demands a redistribution of financial and political power, and the plutocrat will make sure the process will be painful. We need a liberal leader strong enough to serve eight years as president, one who is spunky enough to challenge the plutocrat and awake the electorate. Where is the man or woman to lead? Where are the men and women who will respond to the challenge?

John E. Gibson