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Letter: Thanks to donors for banner project

As our area seniors graduate, we continue to hear how much they and the community have appreciated the 2020 A.L. Grad Banner Project. Thanks to your generous donations, the project was fully funded! This means the project itself paid for installation and removal, and no burden was placed upon taxpayers. In addition, inspirational banners were added, and participating Albert Lea grads will receive a small gift along with their banner when they pick it up after Labor Day.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all those who donated toward this impactful project. Corporate donors include United Food & Commercial Workers Local 6 (16 banners), Fountain Lake Sportsman Club (eight banners), Steven Jerdee Insurance Agency (three banners), Etcetera Tanning/Clothing (three banners), Collins Auto Repair Inc. (two banners), Hanna’s Heating & Cooling (two banners) and Clothing Care Center (one banner).

Thank you to private donors sponsoring four or more banners: Margaret Murphy, Daniel Minear Family, Zachary Luther, Lou/Stephanie Larson, Dipika Karan and Grace/Leo Osbeck.

Thank you to those sponsoring two and three banners: Annette Seberson, Eugene/Sharon Weckwerth, Faith Ryan, Lance Skov, Jill Harves, Virginia Sorenson, Jason/Dena Fornwald, Mary Peterson and Merl Bauers.

Thank you also to banner sponsors Randy/Katina Thrond, Darlene Hauge, Frank/Roxanne Nellis, Liz Skov, Roger/Mary Jemming, Steven Alford, Isaac/Krista Walton, Pat Bangert, JoAnn Seuser, Lila Liebel, Matt/Heather Benda, Shirley Poole, Pat Rambo, Pat A Johnson, Phil/Afton Wacholz, Carol Frydenlund, Roxy Larson, Justine/Leslie Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Dan Paczkowski, Gary/Kathleen Jacobsen, Kim Erickson, Cathy Rofshus Malakowski, Joie Willner, Patty Christopherson, John Nevins, Duane/Sandra Lind, Gladys Heys, Pauline Millhouse, Lauryne Stern, Jeff/Anne Jerdee, Jennifer Libby, Cheryl Moran and several anonymous donors. If we have inadvertently missed anyone, please let us know.

George and I would like to thank all graduates and families who participated in the 2020 A.L. Grad Banner Project. Thank you to the grad parent team: Sonjia Hill, Chris Weseman, Mandy Brooks, Serena Gardner and Kris Stadheim. A lot of work came together in a very short time. Also, thank you to TicToc Digital Printing Plus, Security Bank Minnesota and Ernie’s Canvas for your excellent contributions to make this project happen.

More information will be coming about banner pick up after Labor Day. Enjoy the rest of your summer. And, congratulations, graduates! We believe in you!

Jill Marin

Albert Lea