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Letter: Bennett voted with integrity on bonding bill

We should all be thanking Representative Peggy Bennett for voting against a blatant political bonding bill move by the liberal Democrats controlling the Democratic caucus in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Representative Bennett has always put people before politics, and the recent bonding bill that was appropriately voted down by the House serves as an example of how the Twin Cities-controlled Democratic caucus tries to set up rural representatives.

As soon as Peggy Bennett voted with integrity, the Democratic caucus flooded the district with propaganda, as showed up in the Tribune by local Democratic operatives.

Both of the provisions in the bonding bill would not have been able to be completed or even started with that bonding appropriation. The Albert Lea Main Street flood mitigation project, with this bonding allocation, is at least $974,000 short from being funded. Additionally, federal grant money would also need to be approved. The Blazing Star Trail project, although a good project, was again put into a position where there would have been no ability at the local level to even start the extension.

We should remember that these bonding bills are spending money for current political benefit and use, but must be paid for in the future — probably by our children and grandchildren. This is not free money, and with the current situation in the state of Minnesota, all the Democrat leadership is located in the Twin Cities region. Freeborn County and outstate Minnesota is repeatedly getting the short end of the stick compared to funding for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Now, the Democrats want outstate Minnesota to help finance the repair of the damage caused by the feckless leaders of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Thank you, Peggy Bennett.

Henry Savelkoul

Albert Lea