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Letter: Denial is the worst kind of lie

Laurie Garrett, an American science journalist, who has written several books regarding emerging diseases, two of which are “The Coming Plague” and “Ebola: Story of an Outbreak,” predicts 36 months will pass before we are out of the woods regarding COVID-19.

If you have hitched your wagon to the 45th president, you believe it is going to disappear — that it is getting better. Children can’t get the virus. You could possibly drink Clorox to kill the virus. Hydroxychloroquine can cure the disease. All of it is false, of course. Denial doesn’t cure COVID-19, it doesn’t slow it down, it doesn’t keep you safe, it doesn’t give you happiness. Lies to cover up denial are dehumanizing.

“The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth” (Geckoandfly.com).

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally occurs Aug. 7-16 of this year. How many of the 250,000 people will be wearing masks when the crowds gather? How many will bring COVID-19 with them? What are the chances of this being a super spreader? Back to their communities they go, to their loved ones. Imagine what will happen to Sturgis, to the surrounding area and to the communities to which the riders return. Anybody want to guess?

Michelle Homme says, “Denial is the worst kind of lie…because it is the lie you tell yourself.”

Joel B. Erickson

Albert Lea