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Letter: Governor could have stopped protestors

I’m disappointed with Gov. Tim Walz allowing protestors to overtake the city of Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. Those taking photos should have intervened or stopped it. They should have been charged as accessory to murder.

Governor Walz could have or should have stopped the protestors because rules at that time were in place. Spacing between people, masks to be worn, churches not allowed to conduct services, businesses were closed causing hardship for families trying to make a living, schools and colleges were closed. In addition, all government buildings were closed. People could not apply for driver’s licenses; taxes couldn’t be paid in person as well as court proceedings were suspended. Governor Walz could have called in the police and National Guard right away.

COVID-19 was running rampant in our state while our governor stood by doing nothing, suddenly the streets of Minneapolis were filled with raging rioters. We watched in horror as building after building was set afire.

Do Black lives matter? If so, why are we allowing abortions of Black babies? Do babies of color matter?

After the rioting began, Governor Walz appeared on national TV saying he couldn’t do anything about the rioting. Did he once think of martial law?

Citizens of Minnesota cannot afford the massive spending with a 70% increase in gas tax that would make Minnesota the fourth highest in the country! He is advocating a 20% tax hike in the vehicle registration tax and increase in the sale on vehicles.

After all the burning, rioting and destruction of property the governor asked for national funds to rebuild the city of Minneapolis. It was his fault the city was ruined.

The governor also wants to raise the cost of health care that would add $1 billion. He’s pushing for more than $3 billion in tax increases.

Our state shows a surplus of $1 billion. Why not watch our spending carefully and not leave a debt to our grandchildren?

Governor Walz, we do not want to be supporting sanctuary cities, which make our neighborhoods and communities less secure.

Also, our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms are necessary to protect our property. We are still the United States. Citizens should not have to face the prospect of having someone burning and looting our property.

We need the protection of our police force and to not defund salaries on which they provide for their families.

The Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline project in northern Minnesota will create an estimated 8,600 good paying jobs. If you really care about the environment, you’ll put (oil) in a pipe; it’s a safer way to move it.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea