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Letter: Year-round complex needed instead of proposal

So — up goes our taxes again! Now we need a sports complex for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, etc.? Put it on the ballot and let the people who will pay for this $10-12 million complex. Ask the people, who will pay for this, what they would like. Why did we need Mr. Slipka from an outside firm to come and tell us what we need? If you want to spend more money, make it useful year-round — like a bowling alley, mini golf, swimming pool, a room for reunions equipped with a kitchen. Ask for other suggestions from the people.

Why can’t the Wilson site be used for an all-year-round complex — it is centrally located and easer for our youth to get to. I agree with Christine Wallin Johnson — we need something to do in the winter months, too. Also, some of the suggestions to fix Main Street — what a disgrace when people pass through town, or fix some of the houses that need some TLC. I think it’s time to give something to the people of Albert Lea that we can all enjoy. A complex for year-round activity for all ages would be a great start.

Bev Evans

Albert Le