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Paid political letter: Bennett watching out for your pocketbook

Let’s talk about how Peggy Bennett is trying to save your money. First, the state of Minnesota is going to spend $2.4 billion (2,400,000,000) more this biennium than it is going to take in revenue. That is a lot of debt. Now Martinez wants to add another $3 billion of additional debt by issuing bonds to cover some nice projects. That is a total of $5.4 billion that the citizens of this state will have to pay. Rep. Bennett does not say that there are bad projects that Martinez wants, but are they necessary now when over 30% of our economy is shut down, and we have 10% unemployment because of the virus pandemic? She says let’s do what is absolutely necessary and let’s not spend money we don’t have on projects that would be nice but could be put off until people are back working. Let’s cure the virus first. Remember the only way to pay your own debt is through more taxes, and Minnesota is already the fourth-highest taxed state in the U.S. More taxes will cause more people and businesses to look for a more friendly state to live. Yes, Bennett is guarding your pocketbook by making wise decisions. Ask Martinez how he is going to pay for this big increase in debt.

Al Arends

Albert Lea