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Paid political letter: Hagedorn’s votes represent majority of people in the 1st District

Don’t be fooled by all the Democrat-leaning “news” stories; Congressman Jim Hagedorn has been voting exactly the way he promised to during all of his congressional campaigns. Hagedorn has worked with President Trump to keep America safe, expand the economy with good jobs, sustain rural agriculture and protect our God-given rights such as religious freedom, the Second Amendment and the right to life. Congressman Hagedorn has also worked to protect Social Security benefits for Minnesota’s seniors. By promoting patient-centered health care, a system that Congressman Hagedorn strongly supports, Hagedorn gives an alternate plan to the Democrat’s plan for a government takeover of our health care system, where Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to kick everyone off of their private insurance plans. Jim is always available and covers his district when he is “home” with meetings, town halls, etc., whereas during the last election period two years ago I personally never once saw Jim’s former and current opponent at any of the parades or anywhere for that matter, then or now either.

The way Congressman Hagedorn has been voting in Washington represents the views of a majority of southern Minnesotans and is exactly how he said he would vote. Support Congressman Jim Hagedorn for re-election, and visit his website at jimhagedorn.org to find out more about him!

Robert Weiser

Albert Lea