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Paid political letter: Restore integrity to federal government

The more I learn about Minnesota’s 1st District Congressman Jim Hagedorn, the more I find that this current U.S. representative is wasting my tax dollars to benefit himself and the current administration.

According to two Washington news sources, Jim Hagedorn is currently the highest spending member of Congress, using our hard-earned tax dollars to help push the current administration’s agenda of hurting American citizens during the COVID pandemic, and attempting to secure his own campaign. In only three months, January through March of this year, Hagedorn spent $280,000 of taxpayer money just to print and send mail to his constituents. In other words, taxpayers are paying excessively for Hagedorn’s campaign. Much of that printing was paid to a Texas company that has a business relationship with Hagedorn, a clear violation of government ethics rules. Hagedorn regularly accepts money from big corporations and wealthy donors who have an agenda that he is beholden to. This method of running the government must stop. We must elect candidates who represent the people of the country, not corporations and wealthy donors.

This November we must elect Democratic candidates, such as Dan Feehan, to restore honesty and integrity to our federal government.

Cynthia Shirk