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Court Dispositions: Aug. 27-31, 2020

Freeborn County

District Court


Aug. 27

Bardomiano Vasquez-Silva, 47, 2015 Fifth Ave. NE, Austin. Count 1: Driving after suspension. Fees $280.

Brie Louise Walters, 21, 223 E. Third St., Albert Lea. Count 1: Driving after suspension. Stay of adjudication, continued. Supervised probation one year. Fees $75. Adult other diversion program one year.

Erin Lynn Bennett, 35, 22735 Bluegrass Road, Albert Lea. Count 1: Seat belt required – driver and passengers must use. Fees $105. Count 2: No insurance – driver. Supervised probation one year. Adult other diversion program one year. Count 3: Issue/display/possess insurance ID card when insurance not in force. Dismissed.


Aug. 28

Shannon Birky Bordeaux, 35, 69924 120th St., Emmons. Count 1: ATV – Prohibitions on youthful operators – permit unlawful operation. Fees $180.

Dawn Lyn Sorenson-Medina, 48, 430 Second St. SW, Glenville. Count 1: Third degree gross misdemeanor DWI – operate motor vehicle under influence of alcohol. Dismissed. Count 2: Third degree gross misdemeanor DWI – operate motor vehicle – alcohol concentration 0.08 within two hours. Local confinement 180 days, stay 180 days for two years. Supervised probation two years Fees $405.

Selvin Obsely Batlazar-Agustin, 19, 106 E. Main St., Arcadia, Wisconsin. Count 1: Speed 70 zone 85/70. Fees $140. Count 2: No Minnesota driver’s license. Fees $100.


Aug. 31

Deondre Lynford Randolph, 31, 106 St. Mary Ave. N., Albert Lea. Count 1: 3rd degree assault (felony). Stay of imposition pursuant to MS. 609.135. Supervised probation two years. Local confinement 50 days; stay zero years, zero months, zero days; credit for time served 50 days. Fees $80. Count 2: Domestic assault (misdemeanor). Dismissed.


The Tribune publishes all convictions where the financial obligation to the court is $180 or greater, or resulted in jail time, probation or community service.