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Letter: It’s time to let the Legislature have input regarding the pandemic

When did Gov. Walz and Sen. Sparks change from we all are going to get COVID-19 and we need to stop the peak to we are going to make sure no one can get COVID-19. Locking down the entire state is not the way to handle this outbreak. It is like saying I can prevent everyone from getting the cold and the flu. How ridiculous would that be? They have known since Easter that  COVID-19 was more dangerous to older people, and yet in some Democratic-run states  they sent elderly COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes. Why would you do that? We need to protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, but we need to open up the rest of our state. We have enhanced our hospital and medical supplies to handle these problems. It’s time for real leadership instead of guess and by golly. It’s time for Gov. Walz and Democrats to end the governor’s emergency powers and let the Legislature have input into handling this epidemic.

John Forman

Albert Lea