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Letter: To the person who stole my sign

I’m writing this letter very saddened by the Trump supporter who is going around Albert Lea just stealing or vandalizing Biden signs.

To that person I got on security camera driving a large diesel pickup truck that stole my Veteran for Joe Biden sign, shame on you to think you could silence my voice by stealing my sign. The First Amendment to the Constitution gives us as Americans the right of freedom of speech, even if you disagree. I’m pretty sure unlike you, I understand those rights, because as a young man I raised my arm to defend it after 9/11 and as a Purple Heart veteran who bled for our country, I understand the sacrifice men and women have made for freedom. So please, Trump supporter who stole my sign, ask yourself are you so afraid of your candidate losing the election that you would violate someone’s right of freedom of speech?

Ryan Sabinish

fourth generation combat veteran

Albert Lea