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Paid political letter: End the maddness created by the GOP

Nancy MaxLean’s book, “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” is described by the publisher as:  “A piercing examination of the right’s relentless campaign to eliminate unions, suppress voting, privatize public education, stop action on climate change and alter the constitution.”

I am a witness to this history. A co-worker identified himself to me as an evangelical Christian. His proselytizing of me was not his religion, but I should join his pyramid scheme — Amway. This was 1972.

I was at a friend’s wedding in 1975 when his cousin did his proselytizing that I should get involved in a movement grounded in Barry Goldwater principles. He talked about an organizing convention out West to develop a plan to take over America. I laughed at these two people, who thought joining money-grubbing religious zealots and following authoritarian right-wing leaders would be supported by Americans. I was wrong. This movement took over the GOP when Reagan was elected.

A local example of this takeover was when our then GOP state representative conspired with a local pastor to galvanize rural voters for the purpose of controlling the state Senate and House. The GOP believed demonizing the LGBT community fit their movement plans to take over the Legislature. This representative got the GOP speaker of the House to emcee a meet-up in the pastor’s church, and 300 people attended. I was there to bear witness.  The GOP speaker would bellow out:  “There is a right and there is a wrong.” Meaning we should not allow the LGBT people to have civil rights to love each other in all ways including marriage. The thunderous cheers of 300 caused me to remark: “This is what fascism feels like.” The GOP governor made an appearance by jumbo tron TV. The pastor quoted the “abomination” quote from the Bible. GOP-fueled hatred of fellow Americans ruled in a church. 

The GOP has morphed into a cult. Former Gov. Arne Carlson, Sen. Dave Durenberger and gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner announced they will join the Republicans for Biden coalition.

The recent 27A primary totaled up more DFL votes from two candidates that Peggy Bennett’s vote. Thomas Martinez had 70% of the DFL vote.

When Joe Biden is telling us he wants America to vote to get it’s soul back, he means to end the GOP-created madness at every political level including House District 27A. Vote!

Ted Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea