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Paid political letter: Support Harty for school board

I see that several highly qualified candidates have decided to run for the school board. Thank you to all of them for wanting to serve our community, but I would like to endorse Mary Elizabeth Harty. She joined the Albert Lea Community Theatre board when she came back to town in 2013, and she has been a real asset to our board. She has volunteered backstage in pretty much every capacity, and there is a lot of work involved in bringing a production to the stage and she has stepped up for all of it. She has also lent her talent to being onstage, but most recently she stepped in to be the treasurer when our former treasurer became too ill to do the job. It is no small task, but she stepped in at a moment’s notice and handles it very well. She also volunteers her time to putting on our high school class reunions (yay, class of ’79). I have found that she studies issues and keeps very up to date. I will be voting for her.

Susan Runden