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Paid political letter: The way I see it

What politicians do not say is more important than what they do say.

The Trump haters always condemn Trump’s every move.

They do not say how the policy of Omar, A.O.C., Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders would bring us under the yoke of a Socialist government if Joe Biden were elected in November.

Right now the Trump haters are saying that climate change is the reason we have wildfires in California.

What they do not say is “no forest management.” The Sierra Club does not even remove a dead tree. The underbrush had reached as high as 10 feet — a situation just waiting for a spark to ignite.

Another subject that is not mentioned is that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi both claim to be of the Catholic faith.

At the same time, they vote in favor of the abortion clinics. These clinics murder helpless children, even sell baby parts.

I have been raised Catholic myself, and I fail to understand how either party can hold up their heads and pretend to care. To me, actions speak louder than words.

At times, I wish President Trump would even speak and tween a bit less.

But then, that is only my opinion. He is the president. I am only a voter and never agree 100% with anyone. That disagreement should not lead to bad feelings. That being what it is supposed to be, is what makes this the greatest nation on Earth.

I want to shift gears right about here. This is to make you readers aware of what you will give up by not voting for Trump this third of November.

This is a question mainly for farmers, equipment dealers and sales persons. This involves the second World War period.

What country invented the very first self-propelled combine?

The answer is Canada by the Massey/Harris people. They had the use of our money and material.

The United States has produced a bumper crop. Much would have perished in the fields because of the shortage of workers. Remember, we had a war to fight.

We needed a machine that could separate acres of standing grain from the straw. Waiting trucks would haul the grain to storage facilities.

Drivers and trucks took those new machines south to southern Texas. They then worked their way north. They reached into Canada by late fall.

The first combines were worn out and had to be rebuilt after harvesting a few large farms. Each rebuild improved the livability of the machines.

The harvest became a way of life for several local people for several years. This practice continued  until the war ended.

By this time, most farmers bought and operated their own combine. This allowed them growing room to expand their operation.

This freedom that we have today, “the American way,” will not exist under the socialist government of the extreme left element of a Joe Biden presidency.

Joe Becker

Albert Lea