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Paid political letter: The way I see it

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said that Joe Biden should not debate President Trump.

Anyone whom has watched Joe Biden speak has seen him falter and seem to be confused.

It has been said on national TV that Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysims. If true, that could account for his confusion when speaking.

One does have to question if Joe Biden won the White House, could he handle the job and serve this nation for the good of all?

The Trump haters in the letters to the editor have all condemned everything that the Republican candidates stand for.

I take note that they never mention the months of destruction, looting and burning of public and private property and the loss of livelihood of innocent people.

Riots or civil disobedience cancels all insurance liability. This destroys the people whom have spent most of their lives to build what was destroyed in only a few minutes.

Now they want to “defund the police.” What will this country be like when we, the people, are not safe in our own vehicles, homes and schools?

Joe Biden has said, if elected, he would raise taxes and start the shutdown of the use of oil, coal and fossil fuel.

These are the very products that President Trump has rebuilt to keep us free from depending upon foreign countries.

In event the Democrats do win the White House in this election, I see bad times for the future of our country.

Democrats know that Joe Biden’s health condition could make him unable to fill out his first term as president.

They also know that Kamala Harris, the pick for vice president, could never win an election on her own merits.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, cannot control the extreme left socialist-leaning of Bernie Sanders and A.O.C.

The United States of America is the last and only hope of true freedom, as we know it in the world today.

Some of my best friends are Democrats, and I know in their hearts that they do not condone rioting, looting, burning and the loss of God-given freedom for all of mankind — the same freedom that their sons and daughters fought and gave their lives for on some foreign soil.

They also must know that the general media hates President Trump so badly that they do not always report the news fairly.

We must vote for President Trump’s reelection. It will now take a businessman’s experience to pay down our huge national debt.

The country must grow and prosper again at the same time. A political mind does not have the mindset and business experience to accomplish this. Obama, who served one term in the Senate before being elected president, has proven that in his eight years in office.

Joe Becker

Albert Lea