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Duluth police investigating attack on photojournalist

By Riham Feshir, Minnesota Public Radio News

Dymanh Chhoun was on assignment when a Trump supporter, who was confronting Joe Biden supporters, hit the camera phone out of Chhoun’s hand.

The man was seen on video saying “You guys want to be peaceful? Be peaceful. You want to be violent? Come to me.”

WCCO says Chhoun identified himself as media and was recording the video in a public space. He was not injured.

Chhoun’s attack comes at a time when journalists are increasingly concerned about their safety out in the field. Newsrooms are providing situational awareness training to help reporters stay vigilant while reporting in volatile circumstances.

This also comes at a time when President Trump continues to criticize mainstream media. On Wednesday, he falsely claimed that news organizations support rioting and looting.

“These are the same media outlets cheering violent demonstrations in the streets, CNN, the New York Times. They think rioting is just, ‘OK, just do whatever you want,’” Trump said, as the crowd booed. “Do whatever you want. Can you go to church? No. Can you go to restaurants? No.”

Chhoun’s colleagues took to Twitter to voice their support for who they said is one of the most hard-working journalists around. They said Chhoun, who is originally from Cambodia, is quick to go cover an assignment without hesitation.