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Guest Column: Moving the county forward on a prosperous, safe path

Guest Column by Ted Herman


As your District 5 county commissioner:

• I will work for improved communication between all Freeborn County employees and the Freeborn County Board.

• I will work with the state, county and city to bring livable-wage jobs to the area.

Ted Herman

• I will work with the members of the County Board and the Albert Lea City Council to see to it that Freeborn County receives every cent of monies available from state and federal sources to maintain and improve our roads and bridges.

• I will make myself accessible to and communicate with all of the citizens of District 5 — including providing a 24-hour a day and seven-day a week phone number for citizens’ questions and concerns.

Freeborn County is a great place to live and raise families. We have a diverse blend of agriculture, industry, education and business. To maintain and grow, we need our young people to choose Freeborn County as their place to live and raise their families, too. Our population has slowly declined every year since 1980. To grow, we need good jobs and good housing. I want to help that happen!

Economic development is a team effort. Our economic development team needs to be supported and assisted by our city and county leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, our business leaders, our political leaders and our citizens. I will do everything I can to aid existing businesses as they expand and thrive as well as encourage and invite new business and industrial opportunities.

As we near Election Day, I want to express my sincerest thanks to each citizen of Freeborn County’s District 5 for being a voter. I hope you will honor me with your vote for District 5’s county commissioner so I can get to work helping Freeborn County move forward on a prosperous, safe and successful path.  The future of Freeborn County will be decided by people like you.

Ted Herman is running for the Freeborn County 5th District commissioner seat.