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Letter: Keep up the taxes and there will be no one left to tax

This letter is to inform the school board that a lot of us in this dead town are living on Social Security. Those of us in that position have no recourse like you to put our problems on the ballot.

You are constantly whining about not enough money. Well, I’ll tell you what. The next revise for Social Security is 1.3%. How do you feel about that? I’ll tell you now — you don’t give a darn. If you don’t get what you want, you will whine louder. We don’t have that luxury.

Everybody gets a raise except the good old unemployed taxpayer. What I don’t understand is that you fools keep voting in these losers.

Our City Council has done nothing to help this town prosper. They recently put out a statement that they had several companies interested in our town. After that announcement, have you heard even one word about what they announced? No, because it was all a lie to offset the people from being angry.

This town is suffering from the good old boy thing.

There are a few people in this town who apparently have the rap on those who are sworn to do their civic duty to the job they were elected to but don’t.

I accuse these people of retarding the survival and growth of Albert lea, and I also accuse the City Council of not doing their sworn duty to do the job they were sworn to do.

The county board can take their share of blame also. A do-nothing county board is useless.

Heed this you school board, city council, county board, watershed board: If you keep this up, you will have no one left to tax. There is a time when taxes can be paid by everyone. This is not the time.

Terry R. Sippel

Albert Lea