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Letter: Sheriff should be commended

I would like to respond to actions taken by the county commissioners in responding to pressure from their constituents concerning the ad featuring Sheriff Kurt Freitag supporting 1st District Congressman Jim Hagedorn. Without a doubt, liberal Democrats are trying to stifle free speech.

Sheriff Freitag did nothing illegal, immoral or improper. I am well aware of the fact that Congressman Hagedorn’s opponent walks in lockstep with the radical Socialist left wing of the Democratic Party and their efforts to defund law enforcement. No law enforcement official in his/her right mind would support the goals of this Socialist group.

Nearly every law enforcement official and union in the country has gone on record supporting the president and conservative state and local elected officials who support law enforcement. The Democrat Party has made a commitment to cut law enforcement budgets and establish new strict protocols on how law enforcement interacts with the criminal element in this country. This position should set off alarm bells for every American.

Sheriff Freitag is an elected official. If you disagree with him vote him out of office. Personally, I commend him for having the courage to take a stand.

Individual commissioners have every right to take a political position. However, county commissioners as a board are supposedly nonpolitical.

Their position concerning Sheriff Freitag tells you exactly where they stand. Commissioners are elected officials. I would suggest you vote to replace each commissioner who voted to limit free speech.

I have never met Sheriff Freitag, but as a resident of Freeborn County I have followed his efforts to provide reasonable and fair law enforcement to our county and personally support him.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea