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Paid political letter: I value you

In the movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” reporter Lloyd Vogel is going to write a story about Fred Rogers. He figured he would find some negative angle because that was what he valued. Here is part of a phone call.

Fred Rogers: On our program, I try to look through the camera into the eyes of a single child, and speak to him, or her, trying to be fully present to their feelings, and their needs.

Lloyd Vogel: Right.

Fred Rogers: Do you know what the most important thing in the world is to me right now?

Lloyd Vogel: Uh, no.

Fred Rogers: Talking on the telephone to Lloyd Vogel.

Fred Rogers valued each person in the moment. Fred Rogers valued you. I value you. What do you value? What are your values?

When Donald Trump came down the escalator on June 16, 2015, and announced he was running for president, I gave him a 50-50 chance of winning. My friends thought I was crazy. My reply, “He is a bully. America loves bullies.” He again has a 50-50 chance of winning because America still loves bullies.

I was bullied at Hawthorne Elementary School and Central Junior High. Everywhere I have been pastor at least one parent came to me asking what to do because their child is being bullied. This year my godson wrote to me about his daughter being bullied. America loves bullies.

Donald Trump has a saying, “If someone hits me, I’m going to hit back 10 times as hard.” If a person is disloyal, if a person disagrees with President Trump, Donald Trump will call that person names, mock them publicly, undermine their opportunities, disown them. Donald Trump does not care about any individual.

Donald Trump is a bully. America loves bullies. The question is, do you? Is it the bully behavior that you value?

How can Donald Trump as president refuse all refugees at the border, allow children to be separated from parents and defend children being kept in squalid conditions for profit? Because he does not value individual life. He’s a bully.

How can Donald Trump as president use military force against peaceful protestors so he can pose in front of a church with a Bible? Because he does not value individual life. He’s a bully.

How can Donald Trump choose not to use the power of the United States government to fight COVID-19 in a national, organized fashion? Because he does not value individual life. He is a bully.

A friend called me a Trump hater. Name calling like this is behavior that followers of Donald Trump have been taught. Maybe you have heard that phrase, “Trump hater.” It is bully technique. Bullies don’t value individuals. They don’t value me or you.

If you value individual life, vote to end the bully administration. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Vote for Tina Smith. Vote for Dan Feehan. Vote for Thomas Martinez. Vote for Dan Sparks.

Joel Xavier