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Paid political letter: Rep. Bennett exemplifies care, understanding, common sense

State Rep. Peggy Bennett is a rare gem in our community. Peggy is a constant presence all around District 27A. She strives to connect with as many people in our district as possible. She enjoys hearing her constituents’ perspectives, and she has helped many find solutions to their problems. Peggy is a representative for the people.

I have never known another elected official like Representative Bennett. Peggy actually seeks understanding and enjoys learning about each side of an issue. She looks at every issue with fresh eyes. She carefully considers each choice. Peggy looks for common sense solutions that will work for us in rural Minnesota. If she votes no on any issue, it is because she believes there is a better way. She is honest and will tell you the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

It is sad to see attacks, and even lies, against Peggy. There seem to be a few individuals who have made it their aim to disparage her at every opportunity. Let’s be honest folks. Let’s tell the truth. People deserve it.

Peggy Bennett is for our hardworking families. She is dedicated to make sure peoples’ needs are being met. Peggy supports our schools and students. She knows what makes sense in the classroom. Peggy wants to make sure taxpayer dollars are used for the benefit of all the people, not just a select few.

Rep. Peggy Bennett exemplifies the values I want in my state representative: community service, care for people, understanding and common sense. Peggy Bennett puts people before politics. I invite you to join me in re-electing Peggy Bennett as our state representative!

Jill Marin

Albert Lea