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Paid political letter: Sheriff responds to commissioners’ media release

While I understand the Freeborn County Board of Commissioners wanted to communicate that they do not support a political candidate, I’m very disappointed they insinuate that I, and Freeborn County deputies, would now treat our citizens in an unlawful/unethical manner based on their party affiliation.

I have been politically active my entire adult life, and I’ve been in law enforcement for a vast majority of that time. For the board to imply that I would suddenly treat people differently simply because I endorsed a political incumbent is insulting, reckless and intentionally misleading.

The board’s media release expressed their opinion, which is just that, an opinion that I should not take part in political activities while in uniform. Their opinion is not grounded in state law or rules of ethics. The board stated that I did not confer with them prior to the endorsement and that I did not seek their approval. As a constitutionally elected official, I am not obligated to do so.

I will continue to spend each day serving all citizens of our county fairly and provide the best responses to their needs.

Kurt Freitag


Freeborn County