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Paid political letter: Support the education candidate

I spent the majority of my professional life in education.  I loved teaching and have the utmost respect for the teachers who are teaching at such a difficult time.

And because I care about education, I always pay attention to who is endorsed by Education Minnesota, our local and the state organization of teachers. I know the process as I participated in it years ago. Both candidates are asked to appear before a committee of teachers who have volunteered to screen the candidates. Often there are teachers from a number of school districts. The candidates are asked questions about education — everything from questions about how supportive each is about education funding, curriculum policies, support for programs such as a free breakfast and so on. Each year the questions change and the committee membership changes. 

This year Thomas Martinez was endorsed by Education Minnesota. He was the candidate who answered the questions in a way that indicated that he would be most supportive of the students and teachers of our district. This matters. The Legislature next session will face a budget shortfall, and we need a representative who will look out for the well-being of the students and schools in our district. Vote for the education candidate. Vote for Thomas Martinez for 27A.

Mary Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea