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Paid political letter: Think about this before voting for Democrats

Several letter writers and guest columnists have suggested that everything would just be peachy if we were to vote only for Democratic Party candidates. Their goal, of course, would be to create a one-party Socialist state. There would be nothing Democratic about this country if that would happen. That is because the Socialists believe they know everything and anyone else doesn’t.

In such a state, your opinion on anything would not be heard unless it agreed with theirs. Anyone with dissenting opinions would be vilified using any derogatory term they could think of. Political correctness would become the rule of law dictated by their activists. That is bad enough but would be made worse because most of the news media would applaud everything they said and did! Of course, if you’re paying attention, all this is happening already! Think about that before you vote for them.

Greg Donahue

Albert Lea