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Paid political letter: Vote for liberty or tyranny Nov. 3

Equality — fairness — social justice. How many times have we heard these words lately? And “free” this and “free” that. Do you know where else these words have been heard? In Cuba and Venezuela before the Communist takeovers! Empty, impossible promises were followed by starvation and misery.

What we see happening in America today has been building since the 1960s. Realizing that street riots wouldn’t bring the country down, Saul Alinsky’s followers went underground, getting influential jobs in education, the media, the courts and deep state government. Then, working out of the Communist Manifesto and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, they have gone on to wage a revolution against America. Accomplishments so far include leftist control of media and education (creating public opinion based on lies, distortions and indoctrination); pitting groups within America against each other and inciting hatred, chaos and violence; restricting free speech at colleges or the workplace. (All dictatorships from Hitler to Stalin eliminated opposition.) Multiculturalism has been advanced to break down the dominant American culture, the greatest in world history, thus obliterating our national identity and unity. Our culture has been poisoned with immorality and abortion. All of this fits into the Marxist plan to destroy a country from within.

The Democrat Party, which historically was the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, big government, high taxes and Communist infiltration since the 1930s, is now openly a fascistic party. If elected on Nov. 3, it would complete what it has started: the total destruction of our God-given freedoms, our health care system, our economic prosperity, our energy independence, our strong military, school choice and our very way of life. No society can sustain this assault on itself. It is national suicide. Enter Donald John Trump. He sought the presidency of the United States to stand in the gap against this entrenched corrupt anti-American movement and fight for “we the people” and our magnificent Constitution — to right the wrongs, drain the swamp and get us going in the right direction again. On Nov. 3, you will be voting for either liberty or tyranny. You will be voting for or against America.

Linda Kuehn

Albert Lea