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Guest Column: Celebrating Education Week in Albert Lea

Guest column by Kim Nelson


Today, more than ever, the importance of education should be our number one priority.

As learners of all ages acquire the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits that define them, they build the foundation of learning. Education facilitates that learning. Education can be formal or informal as well as being based on experiences.

Kim Nelson

In Albert Lea we are so blessed to have such diverse opportunities to learn and grow. From early childhood to aging adult classes, the community comes together to provide pathways for all ages to be life-long learners.

Some of these experiences include child care centers, preschools, head-start, K-12 public school, private school, homeschooling, higher education, customized training, continuing education, community education, adult basic education and Aging Mastery classes. All of these opportunities to learn and grow are supported by initiatives organizations in the community.

The Albert Lea Education Foundation is one of those organizations that supports acquiring the skills necessary to be contributing members of society. The purpose of the foundation is to work in cooperation with the District 241 school board to ensure that the activities of the foundation are consistent with the districts goals and policies. This partnership has proven to be an asset to the community.

Through district and foundation collaboration we have seen the addition of the Greater Albert Lea Education Project, which connects business/industry with high school students in the classroom and through experiential learning. This program has been successful and will continue to be a priority for both the foundation and the school district.

The work that the foundation does is just one example of the wonder efforts of supporting education in our community! Take time today to thank those who have provided you education, both formal and informal. This education has helped you acquire your values, beliefs and knowledge.

Keep on learning.

Kim Nelson is an Albert Lea Education Foundation board member as well as an Albert Lea District 241 school board member.