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Letter: Reform, less regulations needed in the U.S.

Now that the 2020 elections are over, there are vital areas that need prompt attention in the U.S. Minnesota budgets must be balanced and U.S. budgets should be. Wild government spending must end now.

Current priorities are: freeze and reduce federal and state spending; freeze and reduce state and federal employment; freeze and reduce educational, health and welfare spending by all governments.

Private sponsors for all migrants to the U.S. Sponsors must pay privately all costs. Fewer migrants cuts U.S. carbon use also.

The U.S. must demand India and China cut carbon and air pollution now. The U.S. has cut in recent years. No Paris pollution treaty for the U.S.

Government-mandated wages increase U.S. costs. Farmers, small businesses and the retired are going to be hurt by mandated wages. No government-mandated compensation.

Government regulations raise housing costs. Local zoning is an important local control for citizens. Reasonable plans are needed.

Free competition between all energy sources is vital.

Free choice for workers, including no organization or which organizations with all of them meeting or conferring on cafeteria compensation plans. No mandated fees for workers.

Tort and legal reform to reduce litigation.

The time is now for freedom in the U.S.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea