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Letter: Shame on Jim Hagedorn for not requiring masks

Shame on you, Jim Hagedorn, for hosting post-election events that did not require masks. Masks are needed to protect us all. The science behind appropriate masking should be trusted by everyone, including those in leadership positions. Individuals certainly have the right to opt out of events that are not safe, however, hired staff, media etc. are in attendance as a part of their employment. Yes, they can and did wear masks. The point being that the concept of an individual wearing a mask is to protect others, not themselves, evidently a tough concept to grasp. I ache for those individuals who now must isolate for two weeks because of your selfishness. They can’t be with their newborns, their elderly relatives, family members who are medically vulnerable, etc. Congratulations, Jim Hagedorn, on your re-election. You prevailed despite the red flags, and that’s how our system works. God help us all.

Julie Forderer