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Letter: Let’s stop with the personal attacks

I usually don’t respond to the DFL columns, but after being told by one of Jennifer Vogt-Erickson’s supporters that I needed to be put “on a short leash,” I felt I needed to. I know Jennifer agrees with that statement because she liked a Facebook comment that said the exact same thing, where I was referred to as “that one.” In response to Jennifer’s column, Jennifer, you weren’t banned from writing due to any GOP involvement, you were banned because you weren’t following the rules given to both county parties for the columns. Specifically, the rule that it had to be local. This rule is no longer enforced; I can only assume because it became too much for the hardworking people at the Tribune to police all the DFL columns. I know this is why you were banned because after your banishment both county parties were reminded of the rules so we didn’t make the same mistakes. Please stop creating fake incidents of canceling to try to prove a point when members of the county DFL have tried very aggressively to cancel three of our four board members. These attempts included pretending to be Tribune staff, badgering our superiors (both professional and political) and leaving fake Google reviews despite never being a client for the business in question. In fact, contrary to your belief, Republicans love when you write your columns!

Next, you claim Hinnenkamp’s letter was calling President Trump a “bad” role model for students. In his letter, written four days after my column, Hinnenkamp references “local GOP leadership,” “GOP conservative,” and “a young man GOP conservative.” I wouldn’t describe President Trump as “young” or “local.” In Hinnenkamp’s letter, he claims that the “young man GOP conservative” believes “he can grab any woman by her crotch.” That accusation is insulting, untrue and insinuates that I have done something so heinous and is the epitome of why our politics are so toxic. As for accusing me of defamation, you’ll notice, Jennifer, that in my column I didn’t name anyone. You were the first person to name Hinnenkamp and his letter.

Jennifer, the relationship used to be fantastic between our two county parties; even our chairs were friends. Let’s get back to that and stop with the personal attacks. I acknowledge that I and my party have not always done that ourselves, but let’s start. You believe your party to be the party of tolerance — prove it. I believe my party to be the party of civility — I’ll prove it. Let’s act like adults and focus on the issues our voters care about rather than attack each other personally. I’d like to say this is resolved, but I guess we’ll see in next week’s paper.

Aaron Farris

Albert Lea