Southwest Middle School Standout Student: Khan Dup

Published 8:00 pm Friday, January 22, 2021

Age: 12, sixth grade

Parent: Mary Puok

Where are you from, and what elementary school did you attend?: Albert Lea, Lakeview Elementary School

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Favorite teacher: I don’t have a favorite teacher. I like all my teachers.

Favorite book/author: “The Search” by Dark Horse Comics

Current/past activities: I helped Mrs. Israel’s first grade class almost every day. I was in the fourth grade talent show and received the Kindness Award in elementary school.

What advice would you give younger students in Albert Lea? Even when it’s tough, don’t give up!

From Starr Kloskin:

“I enjoy having Khan in class. He is always willing to share his opinions respectfully and support others who are willing to take a chance to share. I have never known Khan to give up when things become challenging; his grit and perseverance will take him far in life.

“In advisory, I get to see a less academic side of Khan. He has a great sense of humor, which brightened our advisory.  Khan uses his jokes to build up the mood in our advisory and make others feel comfortable. He is a lot of fun to have in the classroom and I am glad he is red team.”