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Letter: Stand with the Burmese people

On Feb. 1, the government of Burma (also known as Myanmar) experienced a coup d’etat. The democratically elected members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) were deposed by the military after the NLD won a recent election by a landslide. The military claimed that there was election fraud and has taken control “for a year.” The leader of the NLD, Aung San Suu Kyi, is once again under arrest for the “possession of walkie talkies.” Large protests continue to take place on the streets of Burma with teachers, lawyers, government workers and people from all walks of life participating, all demanding a return to democracy.

Our local DFL party wishes to express our support for the protesters and people of Burma who are fighting for their democracy. We wish to express to our local Karen community, who no doubt has connections and family in Burma, our thoughts and support as the protests continue. As recent events in our own country demonstrate, lies and misinformation can lead to insurrection and a weakened democracy. We encourage people to contact their Congresspeople, asking them to stand for democracy and with the Burmese people.

Julie Ackland


Freeborn County DFL Party